Local & Life

I am truly a sucker for locally owned, shop local, support local, source local…. and well, all things local. I realized this once I moved to River Falls- because I am in the heart of the town, and when I lived at my parents’ house, deep out in the country, it was always a pain … More Local & Life


We need to set goals for ourselves. And by “goals,” I mean goals are not always long term. I have goals to make changes in the world and land a job that sufficiently supports me, my family and my dog. But in life, we need goals that are set for tomorrow – and next week. … More 3×3

Dating Yourself

I want to discuss something. What if we took time to date ourselves. There was a time in my life when reality had hit me straight in the face: I was lost, who was I? I woke up each day unmotivated and hateful and nothing of good. I realized, I don’t know who I am? … More Dating Yourself