Learning to Love Yourself Takes Time

We are born blank, innocent humans. We are given a whole palette to paint. Each day we design our lives with our choices, family, favorite food, where we live… the list is endless. We could be anything we wanted to be! The 2016 World Population is at 7.4 Billion. Remind yourself that 7.4 Billion people do not have the same life as you. You are you.

I am me. I am me. I remind myself this now after overcoming years of hating myself. Years ago I could not look at myself in the mirror. No really, my mother bought me a gorgeous Ethan Allen mirror when I graduation Middle School, and for a period of time I covered it with a sheet. Why did I hate myself if I was the only me there will ever be?

Luckily enough, (not really) I tore my ACL in February of 2014. This was the turning point for my entire life. This was when I began to love myself. I cannot think about what would have happened if I had never had this brutal knee surgery. It was more than just knee surgery. It turned my life around. I have always been athletic before the surgery- but I may have been just a little over weight. But, (thank you) my parents kept me active in sports no matter what. After the surgery I could not walk. I figured I was going to become increasingly over weight if I did not make a change. So, I dieted while recovering. And I lost a lot of weigh. Eventually, I matched my healthy eating habits with small workouts when I could, and soon enough I was running 5 miles a day. Believe me, my self esteem shot out the roof. I was just happier. I began to see the light in everything around me. School was good, friends were great, and I landed my first real boyfriend.

A couple years go by, and here we are today. I am graduated from High School and those friends aren’t around anymore. My boyfriend broke up with me after two glorious years. I was able to finish one year of college while still in High School. I have not added weight, but I will admit (I need to admit to myself) that I don’t run 5 miles AND go to the gym in one day anymore. I try my hardest to get a workout in everyday, some small, some smaller. Now, all I need is a solid 2 miles and a calming session of yoga to call it a day. I am content with all in my life. I am closer with my family more than ever. I have a blooming relationship with Christ after cutting my ties . I am going to college for my dream job. I love my body and I am proud to be who I am.

Although, there are two sides to every story. I do still have hard days. Everyone has hard days. WE ARE HUMAN! The world just sometimes is not on our sides. Some days I can’t help but feel the whole world is against me. All 7.4 Billion of them. Truthfully, there are days I cannot even get out of bed. Relapsing happens. (!!!) I love myself unconditionally, but I am a human and sometimes I just want to be anything but.

Get out there and make change. You will always been good enough. You will always always always be good enough for yourself, for the world, for life. But do not be afraid to get better. Strive to be the best for yourself. I take each day as a challenge to build myself a little more. Every morning, wake up and decide if you want to stay at 60% or try to make it to 61%. Go for 100. No one is at 100. We are all working toward it. Love yourself everyday, love yourself through the flaws, the heartache, the loneliness, tears and hard work. Keep going. Keep building. Life gets better.

If you are happy, you can give happiness. If you don’t love yourself and if you are unhappy with yourself, you can’t give anything else but that. -Gisele Bundchen

Love, Rosie

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