Short Note On Making The Difference

Hey Everyone,

First off, I want to thank anyone who has read my blog! I have had quite a few people send back super positive feedback and I want to DOUBLE thank all of you who have. Really, it is the warmest and fuzziest feeling in the world when someone tells you how much they like your blog. It makes this whole thing seem slightly successful.

On the other hand, guess who has the stomach flu! Whoooo! I have never felt so tired, exhausted and shitty. I spent all day eating homemade lentil soup (recipe is below) and saltine crackers. Finally I had enough and dragged myself to the gym (workout is also below) to get a few endorphin’s running through my body. I have to say, I don’t feel as tired now as I did earlier but the nausea is still strong. I am writing this with a lovely cup of raspberry tea by my side. (Tea is like a hug to your insides. I love it).

Homemade Vegetarian Lentil Soup:

2/3 cup chopped carrots

1 chopped onion

1/2 cup frozen corn

1 cup frozen green pees

1 pound natural lentils


Salt, Pepper, Cumin, Balsamic Vinegar, Celery Seed, Garlic Power.

Soup is super super easy to make! This is my own recipe because really, you can wing soup. Start out cooking the carrots, onion, corn and green peas in olive oil and Balsamic Vinegar. Add salt and pepper. Cook until the carrots are soft and yummy. Add 6-8 cups of water and 1 pound of lentils. Add cumin to taste (really, I make this a cumin based soup so I add lots), also add celery seed and garlic powder to taste. Add more salt, pepper and Balsamic Vinegar.

Cook on simmer for an hour and half and there ya go!


My workouts are pretty much the same thing everyday but I like this format so much because it leaves room to change things around.

Run 30-40 minutes

12×3 arm curls 15 pound

12×3 kettle bell swing squats 25 pound

12×3 behind the head arm presses 15 pound

7×3 squats with 60-70 pounds

100 crunches (30,30,20,20) 1 minute plank

Other than being sick and moving in a few days, I can say in this moment, I am happy. Yeah, my life is slow lately and that makes me depressed, but I am starting to see the light again. On my way home from the gym I just started to smile. I had talked with an old friend. I ran into another at the gym and talked. I was complimented on my blog. Someone told me they are happy for me and my boyfriend. I ran into old teachers of mine and caught up with them. These are all examples of little things that made a big difference for me.

So with this blog post I would like you to take away one thing. Make a difference. Be the person that makes someone else’s day. We as humans have so much more strength and power than we think we have. Instead of waiting for someone to change your day, be the person to change theirs.

Smile in passing. Invite someone for coffee. Help out with the dishes. Call a friend. Bring a small, meaningful gift when you go see your loved one. Call your grandma. Bring cookies into work. Pay it forward. Hold the door open for someone.

“In a gentle way, you can shake the world.” -Mahatma Gandhi 

Thank you so much.

With so much love, Rosie.








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