Short Note

Hey Guys,

I just have a few things to talk about. First, I moved into college yesterday! It was a long, stressful day but once I got settled and met some people it ended up being pretty fun! College is different. Inver Hills Community college was not really college, it was like a glorified high school. River Falls is a more traditional college, and I am excited to make it my home!

So my personal life has been pretty messy but through the mess I am able to form a few thoughts and tips to hopefully help you, if needed.

  1. You cannot force things to happen. Everything will happen on its own time.
  2. When you ask God for change and he does not deliver exactly what you wanted, just know, he still delivered the right thing.
  3. Stay on top of your work.
  4. Miley Cyrus’s music is still bomb as FUCK
  5. It is totally OK to take time to do you. We all struggle with the need to be wanted by someone else, but want yourself before someone else wants you.
  6. Don’t give a Fuck, seriously I have been at college for 24 hours and I see girls all around me trying soo hard to fit in and be perfect. Don’t try so hard, be you, be cool.

There ya go, that is all I got for the day. I am struggling with little nit picky things in my life, and I have been taking time to try and overcome them.

I love you all, please know that.



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