Living in the Moment

Hey All,

“Seize the moment, and then let it go.”

This quote has a lot of meaning to me, especially in today’s time where everything we do has to be recorded on snapchat or Instagram. Concerts, for example. Have you ever been to a concert where phones were not videoing every second? Not kidding you, and maybe some of you remember, but at The 1975 concert  in Minneapolis, the band asked the audience, for one song, to put their phones away and enjoy the moment. Hozier did this at his concert too and I am pretty sure Hippo Campus did the same thing at the Chipotle Cultivate Festival. So many people cannot just live in the moment, take it and experience for what it is, and then walk away and hold that moment close in their heart. People of this time don’t live to live anymore, they live to record and show off to their friends.

Okay okay so why am I bringing this up now? Last night I was in the cities, wondering around (I was on a date) and we heard this music in the distance. In a spur, we checked it out. It was this band, of which we later learned was an improv band, playing outside a bar. The place was pretty deserted. But we sat down anyway and listened to this band. Their music, even though they were making it up as they went, was the shit. I sat there and felt out the music, felt the moment, and in that moment I was living. I was not concerned, in any way, to video this band and show to my friends at snapchat that I was at this random place in the city listening to some sick music.

If I had one wish for the upcoming generations, it would be to teach them to live in the moment. It is a dying trait in society, which is sad.

And really, the littlest moments mean so much. Moments of pure innocence where nothing is happening yet the moment is perfect, those are my favorite times in life.

People have this fear that if they do not live life to the fullest that by the time they are dying they will have lived a worthless life. These people strive to make moments perfect rather than feeling moments. You cannot artificially make a perfect moment. People think that by going out and doing extravagant things and recording them to show they did them that they will have lived the perfect life. And in some cases, those people’s lives are perfect and go you! But if more people slowed down in life, and let the moment take them rather than superficially making a moment, then people would find those moments are what will give them full satisfaction.

Slowing down + feeling the moment = satisfaction

Do not search for the inner meaning of life. Live life spontaneously, and the right moments will guide you to find your inner satisfaction.

Love, Rosie.




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