I Found My Best Friend In College

Hey Everyone,

Not much has been going on over in my life- which means everything has been good. Yep. Everything has worked out with switching my major, everything is working out in my romantic relationship and everything is just good.

I was going to blog today about my self image, but I decided I would tell you guys about my best friend instead. Although my self image is something I am personally struggling with, I don’t think I have enough energy to speak about it.

Marisa and I went to high school together- actually, we went to the same Preschool, too. We did not talk much really in school. I was off in PSEO and she was off starting the feminism club. We were on difference spectrum of of the universe. She, a band kid. Me, well.. me. But it wasn’t like we didn’t know we existed. We would say hi occasionally in the hallways and in the few occurrences we had a conversation.

Move in day at college- I was hauling stuff into my room and I heard “I THINK THAT’S ROSIE,” and I was just like ???? What is that noise?? Turns out Marisa is two doors down from me. Two doors that eventually became my second home here at college.

The first few days of college are weird because you have no friends and everyone is just kind of stumbling around… showing off and feeling really uncomfortable. Marisa and I latched on to each other like we had been best friends for years. We saw each other as someone to eat lunch and dinner with so we did not eat alone.

Somewhere along the lines we became best friends. We eat lunch and dinner together everyday. When we are not in classes, we are in her room. This girl feeds me snacks because she knows I am always hungry (true best friend). She lets me just come one in and pour myself some of her cereal. We do our nails together and we always go on ‘adventures’ to Walgreen’s or Perkins or sometimes, Hudson. One time I took her out on a nature walk and she slipped, fell in the water and cut her hand. I gave her my shoes and a towel and we drove back to campus, showered, and got some real food. Marisa does not have a roommate, so I just kind of exist in her room. If I am not in my room, I am probably on Marisa’s floor.

We are the kind of best friends that are just there for each other, ya know? I snuck bread sticks out of the dining hall one time because she was too sick to go and I know she LOVES bread sticks. She buys us face masks and deep conditioner and we have girl days. When it’s midnight and I become suddenly really hungry? Marisa will always open her door.

I literally cannot put into words how much she means to me. I have never had a best friend as unbelievably amazing as her. She is my second home. She is my back bone and support here at college. Her family has welcomed me as their own.

As I write this I am sitting on her floor as she is applying to new colleges. Unfortunately, River Falls is not home to her as River Falls is home to me. Next semester I am not going to have her here with me at all times of the day. I will not have her just two doors down. I’ll have her more like 2 hours away. As I look around at the mess of a room we inhibit together, I feel like a piece of me is going to leave when she does. However, I cannot feel sorry for myself. Marisa is going to do such bigger and better things at her new college, wherever that may be. You have to be happy for someone when they go searching for their happiness. All I want for her is to be happy, comfortable and growing wherever life may take her.

Marisa is the weirdest person I know. Look at us, and you would never expect us two to be so close. But, we are. We are absolute polar opposite best friends. We work.

I will forever appreciate everything she has done for me. She has been given me the world and I will never be able to give back to her. Her birthday is coming up and you know I will be getting her the MOST BOMB birthday gifts.

Tell your friends you appreciate them. Tell everyone you appreciate that you appreciate them. Those people deserve to know.






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