Where Is Earth Going?

Hello All,

You may not see changes in your every day life to our precious Earth… but changes ARE happening. Maybe not in your small town, but globally. Why is this important? Whether you live in Minnesota, Mexico, Greenland, Asia, Australia- anywhere- we all live on the same Earth.

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A lot of people think that they cannot do anything to change the climate. People think scientifically, change is not in human hands. Which in some way is possibly true. However, Earth is magical and Earth is not hopeless. Earth has the ability to re build itself, just like us when we are sick.

The biggest topic in the news right now concerns the Great Barrier Reef over in Australia.  This is actually funny because the Reef is in the news only because of this big scientific document that was published that was actually, very inaccurate. ( I find this funny because this wrongful article had to be published before people started caring about the Reef)  BUT, at least it is now getting the attention it needs, globally. The scientists declared the Reef’s obituary in this article. Unfortunately, the Reef is dying because of the effects of El Nino and climate change. 22% of the Reef has died due to a bleaching event.

22% is not 100%, science. The Reef is not dead. Three/ fourths of the Reef is alive and surviving.

The ecosystem of the Reef is suffering, yes. But, the Reef is also very resilient and has the ability to live on.

What does the Reef need? Yes, the Reef can fix itself, but the Reef also needs human support- the good kind. Human support that will protect the Reef.

Remember in my last post- without climate, ski resort economies will die? Without the Great Barrier Reef, the tourism economy in Australia will die right along with the Reef.

Change for the Reef will not happen overnight. Many many years of hard work and activism is needed.

This is not the only place in the world being heavily effected by changes in our climate. Venice, The Dead Sea, Montana, Maldives, The Alps, Alaska, and the Taj Mahal, are all places disappearing right before our eyes.

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Yes, you can make a change. These places may be far across the world, but that should not stop you. Their climate is our climate, too. Be aware of what is happening. Tell people what is happening! Do not fear in making small changes that seem unnoticed. Everything you can possibly do will help.

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