It Gets Tough- Keep Going


There is a quote that goes:

“You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it.”

I was given this life because He knows I can handle it.  This is important to remember when life gets difficult. Especially in college when life seems to be light one moment and then heavy as hell the next. Right now, I do feel heavy on life. It feels like I have so much on my plate and where my head should be, it isn’t. But, I feel content and settled on top of it all. So, it’s a hard mix. I feel messy but content at the same time. That is life though! That is life. Life is not meant to be comfortable. To be living, you must be uncomfortable. It means you are growing.

Growing. Oh, how I would like to just live in the most comfortable state of mind every day of my life. I could tell you two weeks ago I was in the most perfect, comfortable spot. I would have liked to live in that spot for every day I am on this Earth. However, I would never grow if I stayed comfortable. Growing is painful- it is just like those growing pains when you were a child. Growing as a person in society is going to be painful. It is hard, like really hard. Trying to balance everything on my plate is really hard. I fail a lot, and I forget things and I am late to things, but I am still doing things. I have a lot of meetings and committees I need to commit to, and I chose to be on those, don’t get me wrong. But, it feels like a lot of my life is just this scrambled mess trying to weigh managing my professional life and personal life. Meetings and classroom observation take up a lot of my time. Where do I have time to build and maintain relationships with people, God and myself? I manage to find the time to equally apply  myself to both, but time management is difficult and I am trying my best to find the balance. Within all of this, I am not only testing myself to see how much I can handle, but I know everything that I am doing, I am doing for a reason and He gave me these opportunities because He knows it is what I need to grow.

Life may seem hard at the worst times. It is going to feel like everything is too heavy and you are not built strong enough to hold it all. BUT YOU ARE. Trust me. Everything you are doing and everything that is challenging to you is challenging you for a reason. You were meant to be doing what you are doing. Everything is a process. Don’t give up and don’t think you are not strong enough for what challenges you face. It may take time, but you are meant to be doing it. 

Thank you all. This post was more of a life rant from my side and a call to action on yours. Sit down and think about all where you are in life right now. Make a list, write it down, write on post it notes, call your best friend, start a blog. Whatever works for you, take a self evaluation on everything in your life. Are you happy? Do you feel trapped? Are you somewhere you know you can do better? Remember, this is your life. Live it for you.

Love, Rosie.

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