Where has Human Connection Gone?

Happy Thursday,

You know what life is about? It’s about that song you are listening to and you’ve heard it a hundred times, but in that moment, is sounds just so right.

It’s also about the leaves over the cliffs that hang down the out-skirts of the town you’re living in. The trees all in a mess, but with colors that could light a fire or wrap you warm in a blanket on the coolest fall day. I wish I could paint the scenery and preserve the images I see in the most beautiful season. It makes me sad that I know once fall ends and winter begins again, I must wait until next fall to see the leaves this way again. Maybe this is a good life lesson. Look around you and take in everything you see. Everything. The place you are and the weather outside and the music that is played. Remember how you are feeling in this moment. Remember how grateful you are for whatever it may be. Remember this moment because you may never have it again.

Sigh. Everyone on this bus seems gloomy today. Maybe it is the weather. Maybe their crush doesn’t like them back. Maybe their dog died. Maybe they doing poorly in school and are too overwhelmed to catch up so they just look out the window and question their entire life plan. Maybe they’re just tired, it is that point in the semester when everyone is hungry and their midterm scores came back and relationships are getting hard and politics are ruining everybody’s life.

Okay, you want to know what gets me riled up? Personal devices. As I look around, we are all head down and absorbed in a different world than that we are physically in. This doesn’t make sense to me. All people want to live life to the fullest. I mean, that’s the goal right? Live to be extraordinary and experience as much as you can. But we all just sit on our phones, scrolling through social media looking at all the things our followers claim to be doing. We text people 24/7. If the people we text are truly big parts of our lives, why aren’t we spending more quality face to face time together? Rather than updating each other via text on the dog we just saw on the way to Jimmy Johns with the group from your World History class. We are in constant contact through our phones with people WHILE we are physically with OTHER people. Do you see the problem? Where are we building any form of true connection with the people we are face to face with when we are absorbed in conversations through our phones? I don’t get this? When we are with people, in any situation, shouldn’t we be genuinely devoting our time to these people? I don’t get why we make plans to hang out with people but when we are hanging out with those people we are texting completely other people. I am guilty of this! Why though! Why is this how it has become?

We use social media to connect with strangers and then form relationships with them. I met most of my friends on the internet. But, what if we connected with the people RIGHT around us? If we put our phones down and connected with the people in front of us and had a genuine conversation, let me tell you, the chances of that friendship lasting longer than a friendship that was born though a message over Instagram are much higher. Imagine having a solid face to face conversation with someone to get to know them rather than waiting for a text every half hour that dignifies you are ‘getting to know’ someone. How can you truly get to know a person though 140 characters or less?

I want to see your hand movements when you talk. I want to learn that you look past me when you talk about something hard for you. I want to watch you get excited when you tell me about your dog that you miss dearly rather than read that your dog is named Sam. I want to hear your voice and how it changes throughout the conversation. By the end of this actual conversation with someone, you will know whether you vibed well or not and you will know more than just facts about them. Face to face conversations are worth more than we think. Talk to people! Give them your full, undivided attention. What will happen if you don’t reply to that text in .1 seconds of receiving it? I will tell you what will happen. You will develop true connections with people. How can you vibe with a person over text? Anyone can type to you those same words. Anyone can text you that their dog’s name is Sam. I don’t believe you can genuinely get to know someone though today’s popularized forms of social media and texting. You don’t know that person. You just know how well they type and use their emojis.

Where has the genuine personal connection gone?

Think about it.

Love, Rosie.





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