My Own milk and honey

“Why me?”

“Why you? Because of the 6,000 people at my school, none will ever be you. I am surrounded each day by faces I have never seen and yes, I probably could have had what we have with one of those faces. But, I met you and now you are the only face my eyes want to see.

You look at me in a way that the universe kind of just stops, and for a brief moment all that matters are your eyes looking into mine. Each time you come at me with your hands coming toward my neck, it becomes the warm embrace I long for each day. You are so gentle. You are so kind. I feel like a new bird that has just learned to fly when your forehead rests on mine and our breaths become one. It feels right.

I would never sleep if I couldn’t sleep with you. There is too much comfort in rolling over at 2 am to see your tussled hair and quiet eyes.

Oh God, your eyes. I have never seen anything more beautiful. I get lost in the dark brown, beautiful abyss each time. I never believed eyes could light up when they see something, but I see your eyes glow each time I walk in the door. That’s why it’s you.”

With all of this, there are great times when our views and personalities clash. And, the distance can be challenging for both of us. I know we have had ups and major downs.

But I can tell you, I have never wanted anything more. I want you to know that I just want nothing else in this world except your love. It’s complicated and messy at times, but I want to grow through life with you right next to me. You.

My mouth hasn’t shut up about you since the last time I can remember. My friends could very well be sick of it, but I find myself talking through what I want to tell you, to them. They probably know more than anyone how sickly in love with you I am. They know more than anyone how much I could fight for this relationship. This bond. My little love in this great big world.


Love Rosie.




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