Radical Self Love

Weight. The overpowering number that misconceptionally dignifies who we are as a person.

For the longest time, I was under the impression that the number you amounted to, your weight, defined all that you could be in life. It defined your success,  your relationships and your status.

“It’s a good thing we don’t know how attractive we are. We would run the risk of becoming arrogant and losing the most endearing of all qualities- lack of self-importance.”

“When pressed, we will confess to having a few agreeable anatomical features, such as nice shoulders, strong legs, or slender ankles, but most of us grossly underestimate our physical appeal. We are never fully aware of our real charms- the way we sip our tea, the way we sing off-key, the way we dance till three.” 

Two years ago, I weighed less than I have ever in my life. Today, I weigh 15 pounds more than I did at that time.  Let me tell you, 15 is a lot to accept.

I saw a picture of me from two years ago and my arms were slender and my curves were not the least noticeable. I thought, damn, I wish I looked like that again.

But then I realized something, something that’s a big mile stone for me. I don’t hate myself for not weighing 15 pounds less. In fact, I am beginning to love my body more as I grow up.

I don’t look into a mirror and pick out all the flaws my body possesses. I look in a mirror now and see a body so full of sexiness and confidence that I am proud of what it is. I don’t look into a mirror and question where the leather tight tummy went or where the petite little arms went. I see true love for all my body has become.

“You cannot change for the face that is is raining, but you can change how you react to it. It is important to know the difference between these two viewpoints.”

The face is that as I grow older, my body is growing with me too. I cannot spend every day hating myself for the changes that are happening. The healthiest and best way to accept these changes is to change how I react to them. I could react harshly with self hate and self destruction, but rather, I react with peace and never-lasting love. I do not hate these changes because they are making me different. For the first time ever, I love these changes because they are simply who I am.

“We cannot change what is. We can, however, accept everything about ourselves, warts and all, right here and now. Only then can we begin to make all the chances we desire and become the person we are capable of becoming. By accepting ourselves right here and right now, we will be less likely to allow occasional setback to divert us from our goals.”

Only then can we begin to make all the chances we desire and become the person we are capable of becoming.

I no longer believe that my weight will define my life. I am filled with people all around me who love me for me, not my weight. They love my laughter, my drive, my openness, my warm heart and cleansing soul.

I am far more successful  than I ever have been.

I am loved deeply by another human that views my body as the holiest temple on Earth.

My life used to revolve around how I saw my body. Now, my life is based on the foundation of all the small things, like the way my fingers dance across the keyboard or the little giggles with the best people on Earth.

Appreciate the glorious life we are blessed to live. Do not be set back by your insecurities. Undress yourself with confidence and understand that the people in your life will love you for the body you are, not what you are not.

With love,






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