Philosophy of Teaching

Hi all,

I had to write my first of many Philosophy of Teaching papers this week and thought I’d share it with you all. My Philosophy of Teaching will change a billion times from now until I am a retiring teacher. It’s just a start, but you always have to start somewhere. Hope you are all healthy and blessed with joy in your lives. School is killing me at the moment, hence my lack of blogging/social media appearances. Only two weeks left though!


As an aspiring teacher in this day of age, I feel as though it is my civil responsibility to create new learning environments in schools where all students, regardless of their cultural identity, can explore learning in an open, creative and aspiring learning space. Over the past century, the movement behind multicultural education as become more prominent in school systems. When I was a student, I felt like there was no push toward multiculturalism in the schools. There was just one dominate culture which dictated everything in our school, the lunches, the posters, the curriculum. Throughout this movement, however, I have come to realize that most schools are making this shift toward inclusive multiculturalism.

I believe that Equity Pedagogy, a style of teaching that uses instructional materials and practices that incorporate important aspects of their student’s family and community culture in the school and its curriculum is incredibly important. It is no question that students perform better, are healthier and happier when they feel as though their identities are valued- especially in the classroom. Appreciating all cultures, races, religions, genders languages, and abilities in my classroom is my number one goal as an educator. Although some schools stick primarily to the dominate American-European culture, I believe I can start making small changes to reform schools into believing multiculturalism is the new beginning movement for schools- starting in my classroom.

Building relationships with my students and their families or guardians is also an important value to me. Knowing who my students come from and having their families and guardians know who is teaching their child is crucial for the students and their learning. It’s essential for students to feel supported by their teachers, especially if they are lacking support in their home lives. Building those individual relationships with students will ensure a supportive community in the classroom, which entails a positive, safe, and great space for all students, regardless of their differentiating cultural beings, to learn to the best of their abilities.



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