New Year, Same Me

Hello 2017! We are welcoming you.

I hope this year is as best as it can possibly be for all of you, regardless of where your resolutions begin or end. I have come to learn that setting goals as high as the stars each New Year often leads to burning out and disappointment. Instead, I like to make small goals each day to conquer, because life should really only be taken one day at a time.

This is no big year greater than any other. As 2016 came to a raging close, I realized some things. I am happier than ever before, and I think that is because I truly spent 2016 devoting my time and energy into discovering and becoming completely comfortable with who I am. This is me, and I worked all year to build up to this point, and I can’t be happier.

A lot of crazy shit went on the past year. The biggest thing I learned, you ask?

Nothing is impossible. 

No, really. This past year I was faced with some real ugly challenges that killed me during the time. Challenges take my energy and eat up my well being because I become too overwhelmed with the load that I cannot function. But, I worked through every single challenging time I was faced with. Now, send any bitter challenge my way, and I feel confident enough to work through it for the best.

I worked so hard this past year to get to who I am at this point, so there will be no, “New Year New Me” for this gal. Instead, it’s going to be, “New Year, Better Me.” I am going to keep working on things. For example, this year, I would like to spend that energy I spend last year on finding myself, and put it more toward genuinely spending time with and in nature. Being a little wild and feeling what this Earth gave us to feel.

Do not set yourself up to have the biggest, most extravagant year of your life. Do not set your bar so high that it becomes impossible to reach. Take it slowly. Feel where you are right now and think about where you want to be. It should not take a couple weeks to complete. It’ll take the entire year to fully complete whatever it is you may be working on.

If anyone is wondering, my three long-term goals for this year are:

  1. Have better self esteem! Wake up everyday thinking your body is pure body goals. 
  2. Get a writing job. 
  3. Volunteer more.

Have a wonderfully blessed 2017. Work on whatever it is you have to work on. Peace out.

Love, Rosie.




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