Hi, Politics.

I have so much respect for anyone with any view on anything. I will not sit here and ridicule you for your choices to believe and right to defend one side or another.

But when it comes to my personal protection rights, I get a little upset.

Trump, oh Trump. Thank you for running for Presidency for a country with a 50.8% female population. And, trying to take away their ability to safe, protective health services.

Planned Parenthood offers services at a respectfully  low price for anyone without health insurance. Those with health insurance can also use their policy with Planned Parenthood. Title X payers, those who do not make enough money for PP services, are offered a wide range of care options, typically excluding abortions. Otherwise, cash, check, Medicaid or your insurance will cover PP services.

What I am fired up about, is the fact that the Pro-Life Republican party is trying to completely cut government funding for PP, as long as PP performs abortions. PP performs so much more than just abortions. Their services are what can keep men and women safe from STI’s, cancer, HPV. Also, pregnancy tests, breasts screenings, paps tests and a wide range of counselling services.

What am I trying to say?

Planned Parenthood does so much more than abortions.

Without PP, where will people get these critical, life saving services? For some people, they’ll just go to the doctor that their health insurance covers. But what about the two-thirds of PP Patients that are covered under Medicaid? Or Title X patients? Defunding PP is making it so much harder for those who seriously need their services, to get their services.

Reproductive health is SO IMPORTANT. An unspeakable range of problems can happen to our bodies if we do not catch problems before they become life-threatening. Planned Parenthood is THE PLACE that can offer life saving services, not just abortions.

I have not used Planned Parenthood for myself, yet. But, I know many college students who rely on their services to keep their bodies healthy and safe. As for the future, if PP is still an option, I know I will, at some point, be taking advantage of their services.



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