Life and human experience are two of the most common writing topics

but what is never said enough in any poem or piece

is what is most important:


See, we can all ‘plan’ our lives until the end of time

but nothing will be right because

humans, and human experiences, are all led by something greater than we are,

something we are incapable of controlling.

Some call it fate, or chance or hope or faith,

call it what you may.

Call it the greater force when nothing else comes to mind.

Call it nothing or call it something,

this is how it is.

It is not someone playing us like little chess pieces,

it is simply the universe,

how it works, how it plays, and how it becomes.

Our entire lives are led by small, daily experiences

that we shall not take for granted of any kind.

These minuscule events lead to what makes your life an entire grand scheme.

Take for peace each and everyday,

every second, and every moment.

Do not question what happens or what does not happen,

for it is all a part of the big plan.

Love and love and love,

love everything from the birds singing to the babies crying,

and love when people seem completely unlovable.

Love the seconds that pass and the minutes that follow,

love the clouds when they part and the sun when it shines.

It is simple, really.

Do not analyze life to make it perfect,

perfection is what happens when you are patient and loving.


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