Dating Yourself

I want to discuss something.

What if we took time to date ourselves.

There was a time in my life when reality had hit me straight in the face: I was lost, who was I? I woke up each day unmotivated and hateful and nothing of good. I realized, I don’t know who I am?

After this realization hit me, I began to, what I realize now, is date myself.

I took time each day and did something for me. Everyday I would take myself by the river, or the coffee shop, or watch the sunset, all by myself. I would sit there, and think about it all. What were my plans for tomorrow? What should I say to God? How do I feel about this? I answered hundreds of questions about myself, all inside of my head. I sit in pure solitude with myself, for just a little bit of each day.

Isn’t that what you are suppose to do with someone you are dating, or getting to know? Both of you, together, so to places like coffee shops or out to eat or watch the sunrise, and would ask questions back and forth, getting to know eachother?

I know so much more about myself after spending months getting to know myself. I feel developed, and unique.

Maybe the reason we all get lost in relationships is because we have never spent time getting to know ourselves before we learned every square inch of someone else? It may sound foolish and greedy, however let’s face it, we must love ourselves on this Earth before we love someone else. Take the time, try dating yourself. Explore who you are.


Love, Rosie.


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