Go Forth with Respect

Happy Inauguration Day, my friends.

Before I get to talking about the whole “peaceful transition of power” thing, let me tell you about my past few days.

Over winter break I haven’t done anything really Earth-shattering. I mostly worked, slept, sat around and did little to nothing. I decided to take a solo trip to Montana to ski for a few days and clear my head in the warm mountain air. I skied two days out there at Bridger Bowl, both days filled with meeting locals and evening spent touring the town. My last day I spent walking around the town of Bozeman and hanging out with some friends I have out there.

Travel alone. Traveling alone there is no sense of an end. You just keep going, playing it by ear. Solo traveling is simply about the journey that matters. You do not have to comply to anyone else’s rules and liking, you eat when you please, you leave places you do not like and you go places you do. Traveling alone teaches you about yourself. You spend your days thinking to yourself, exploring the depths of your own brain. For me, it’s peaceful and rejuvenating. I needed this trip to clear my head of the past few months and make a clean slate for the following.

I came home on Thursday and that same day my mother and I decided to buy concert tickets to The Lumineers, that night. Bless my mother. Growing up is growing closer to your mother, something everyone needs.

So, the inauguration

I am apart of the generation that is going to challenge anything we do not like. What I would like everyone to understand is that we are currently living in one of the most influential social movements of all time. We fight challenges daily, and challenges that will dictate all of our futures. It’s scary, truly, watching Trump become President. I am terrified of how my future will now be shaped.

This is the quote that I will be listening to as the days pass:

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

There is no doubt that we will all face turmoil within the coming months. Take it with peace, please. Take it with peace yet speak up for what you believe in, but speak up in respect. More and more turmoil will erupt if we challenge our problems with a lack of respect. More change will happen when we progress in peace, despite how difficult it is to respect, sometimes.





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