Please Help Me Save Winter

I am just another winter outdoor enthusiast who cares deeply about our Earth. But, why? Why do I care so much? I grew up with winter, I grew up with the Midwest ski hills and I grew up with some of the gnarliest winters Minnesota has ever had.

None of the winter resorts in my area have enough information about climate change and how it is affecting our winters right here at home. Our winter sports community in the Midwest doesn’t know that our winters are in serious danger. Too many people believe that climate change does not effect our small, Midwest hills- but it does. We have less snow than ever and our winters are sadly getting far shorter than they already are. The Midwest winter sports community in the Midwest is passionate about our winters. We understand that winters are short and often times we struggle to find snow, but there is no other community more willing to take as much advantage of the winter we have. We never have much of a winter, but we do make sure to enjoy it while it lasts.

The Midwest winter sports enthusiasts genuinely care about our winters. Winter here is only a season, but it’s also a lifestyle.

We want every generation after us to be able to live the winter lifestyle, too. We need to bring the recognition that our winters deserve to the Midwest.

By donating here, you will be supporting POW, who in return will help me run climate change awareness programs at my school, at local ski hills, and wherever else may be. I care about saving winter because I want my children, and their children, and the children after that, to experience winter the same way I did. Without saving winter now, that may never happen.

Donate here!!!!!


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