One Rant You Need to Read

I am at the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders in Washington, DC at the moment. This conference, each minute, is empowering me to become a stronger feminist and activist in my life. I am surrounded by hundred of amazing and powerful women – and the female energy is highly contagious!

There are a few things I would like to share with what I have learned in my time here in Maryland:

Oppressing the people who oppress us is losing the battle. The fight between them and us will be a continuous cycle if we are simply doing to them what they do to us: oppress. Battles are not won by two sides making the same fight, battles are won when one side is greater than the other- and to be greater, we need to be the bigger person. The patriarchy, the government, the sexist men- they are who we are fighting.

And why are we in this battle of securing our rights as females, and ending sexual assault- and ending the unfair rights of sexual assault survivors and supplying those survivors with the rights they deserve? And why is Title IX not being taken as seriously as it needs to be? And why is the Gender Wage Gap even a damn thing?

They Oppress US because they know we are damn strong. Females are fucking relentless. Look around us- females so graciously fight for what we believe in – and we don’t need guns and violence. And that is why we are so oppressed- because they know we can win through the power invested in the female.

Females are environmentally and biologically DESIGNED to be selfless. We are Mothers – and being a mother is a natural instinct. We are bred to feed our family, our men, our children, our friends, before we feed ourselves. We are supposed to be selfless for our men, the men who oppress us the most.

And stay home moms- YOU KICK ASS. Let me tell you – and there is this stereotype that stay home moms are weak, uneducated, unusable in the workforce, untalented – but you cannot tell me that they are not strong as hell. The work stay home moms put in is hard work- and quite possibly – no, is, more valuable than any other profession. Though there may not be money in stay home moms, there is value – real value. And I support stay home moms.

And Females – Listen Here: Shine Theory is real. As women, we are, again, biologically designed to protect our bodies – bodies of birthing, which is why we do not physically fight – as such men do. Instead, we are passive aggressive and surprising hurtful in the way we communicate – and that is our form of fighting. It’s natural, yes, but it is also tolerable within ourselves.

Shine Theory is the theory that when you meet a woman who is intimidatingly witty, stylish, beautiful and professionally accomplished, befriend her. Surrounding yourself with the best people doesn’t make you look worse by comparison, it makes you look better. (Ann Friedmen). Shine Theory is unpacking your pettiness of competing against other women. This is figuring out why you compete and judge and slightly, and toxically, degrade women on the basis of their successes.

Women! We should want nothing but the best for our friends. Collaborate without shame. It’s not your fault that your friends are awesome. Be happy for them – and they’ll be happy for you, too.

Shine Theory is not befriending every single woman in your life. Shine Theory is not friending your enemies or your competition. Simply, Shine Theory is being genuinely happy and supportive of other women’s success.

Powerful men- typically politicians, use nepotism. But the women of the Obama Administration used not nepotism – but Shine Theory. These women were realizing that when they spoke their male counterparts would take their words and regurgitate them – in the same meetings – because, for some reason, men think that if an idea comes from a women it is stupid and unuseful – but if a male counterpart argued that same point – it would be an idea that the administration would consider.

So, what did the women of the Obama Administration do? They supported each other – HELLA. Every time one woman said an idea, immediately another women in the room would respond with “Yes, (Name)” and then REPEAT THE IDEA to make it known to the men that women have voices too – and we have really strong, powerful, USEFUL voices.

This post has been really just one big rant. I am going to eventually blog on my thoughts on White Privilege, Feeling Exhausted in My Activism Efforts, The Difference Between Progressive Feminism and Hating-Male Feminism, Feminism and Stereotyping, Self Care, The Power of Conversation, Recently, My Own Personal Life, and The 3×3.

This conference has sparked a light within me – and I am ready to take on my goals.

Catch back in action – stay tuned 😉







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