We need to set goals for ourselves. And by “goals,” I mean goals are not always long term. I have goals to make changes in the world and land a job that sufficiently supports me, my family and my dog. But in life, we need goals that are set for tomorrow – and next week. These goals are manageable and easily doable in our daily lives. The 3×3 is setting 3 goals for yourself: Your goal for the next 3 days. Your goal for the next 3 weeks. Your goal for the next 3 months. This way, we can easily see the goals we are setting for ourselves in a time-manageable order.

The 3×3 is self-care. We are so often tossed around in our own lives that the motive to proper take care of ourselves in simply, like ourselves, tossed out the window. Often, women struggle with quality self-care. Women are designed to serve others before themselves. Do not blame yourself- it’s natural. And we should not blame ourselves. How damn empowering is it to know that women, above anyone else, are biologically selfless. We kick ass! We take care of our loved ones and we take care of ourselves. But, our own self-care often comes later.

Take of the initiative to better your self-care practices. If you need some help: use the 3×3.

Here are my 3×3.

3 Days: My goal is to make homemade and natural toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner.

3 Weeks: My goal is to catch up on my emails, write AAUW Thank You’s, and re-connect with people I met at conferences.

3 Months: My goal is to work out every day- or try to!

If you choose to try the 3×3, send me a message how it goes for you, I’d really like to know!

Best Wishes,



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