Local & Life

I am truly a sucker for locally owned, shop local, support local, source local…. and well, all things local. I realized this once I moved to River Falls- because I am in the heart of the town, and when I lived at my parents’ house, deep out in the country, it was always a pain to drive into town. Now, living the River Falls I can walk to the local grocery store, and walk to the Farmer’s Market, and buy my coffee each morning at the Co-op, and walk to the river for a morning hike. Things are well when living local.

And living local helps Mother Earth, too! I don’t drive as much- so I am cutting down on toxic gasses in the air, and by buying local, that is cutting the cost of manufacturing food, transportation, production costs and so many other benefits.

Otherwise, life is swell. I am learning to worry less about my body image- and fighting to be skinny and perfect. Rather, I am striving to simply be happy, HEALTHY, radiant, helpful, peaceful and full of compassion. Change does not happen overnight, but change does happen over time.

After years of refusing medicine to treat depression, a couple months ago I decided to take the leap and accept medicated help. After a duration of taking Celexa, I decided medicine actually was not for me. Celexa does what it’s supposed to do- treat depression. I was not feeling so depressed on medicine, but I also was not feeling anything. I hated the numb feeling of depression medicine. Now, I accept my feelings- of every degree. Rather than masking my emotions with medicine, I safely treat my emotions. I understand that I am a human, and emotions are real- and they hurt sometimes. But I don’t want to not feel them. I want to feel every emotion I am capable of feeling. And I want to treat each emotion as it needs.

Happy Summer, Happy Days.



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