Dating Yourself

I want to discuss something. What if we took time to date ourselves. There was a time in my life when reality had hit me straight in the face: I was lost, who was I? I woke up each day unmotivated and hateful and nothing of good. I realized, I don’t know who I am? … More Dating Yourself


Life and human experience¬†are two of the most common writing topics but what is never said enough in any poem or piece is what is most important: Patience. See, we can all ‘plan’ our lives until the end of time but nothing will be right because humans, and human experiences, are all led by something … More Patience

Hi, Politics.

I have so much respect for anyone with any view on anything. I will not sit here and ridicule you for your choices to believe and right to defend one side or another. But when it comes to my personal protection rights, I get a little upset. Trump, oh Trump. Thank you for running for … More Hi, Politics.

New Year, Same Me

Hello 2017! We are welcoming you. I hope this year is as best as it can possibly be for all of you, regardless of where your resolutions begin or end. I have come to learn that setting goals as high as the stars each New Year often leads to burning out and disappointment. Instead, I … More New Year, Same Me